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Hey! I’m Jagan Rao and I want to thank you for checking  my website. 

Well about me all I can say is I am an Introvert who is trying to get people to know about my online business and its a humongous personal change.

I will use what i have learned in my school about an intro and its to start from where I am from (most of the Facebook live comments made me use this a lot).

I am from Bangalore India. This is where I have spent most of my life now working for about 20 years as a Media consultant or in an Agency. 

I hope to bring easy to understand ideas and process and how to implement them in building your business online.

I have an engineering background and dabbled to get through the grades and scraped through. 

My first Job in HP (Hewlett Packard) was purely on my communication skills and C++ but I could not make myself come to work .

I quit after 3 months and started as an apprentice in an Ad Agency in the year.

It was an exciting journey and I went ahead and was helping startup agencies build from scratch.

The peak was when I was heading the operations in one of the major agency in my state. But then things flattened.

Fast forward I’m 42 Now , Married and Father of 2 Boys

I have worked in various agencies from the start of my career and I decided to open my own venture in 2017.

This was a tough time as that same year India had so many changes in the government.

Notes / Currrency of 500, 1000 and 2000  were banned and New Tax Laws which was called GST implemented .

Most corporations wanted to take time to understand what this structure was and It finally did and it took me 6 months to get my first invoice billed then it was to proceed with caution.

I was supposed to Jumpstart my business ..which never really took the jump.

I was working 16-18 hours someday and was same old slave to my work.

One shocking incident changed the way I used to think and look about life.

In Mid 2018 around June, I had to travel to an event and it was raining a slight drizzle.

I was accompanied by a colleague whom I had know for about 5 years and it was his Van.

It was a Maruti van and this Van has its engine  placed at the rear.

So we just have this body frame and the windshield in front of us.

We were checking about each other family and we approached one curve where the Van suddenly skidded and my colleague lost control (at a speed of 50km/h) and rammed head on to one more truck right in front of us.

The dashboard almost touched my stomach. I was pinned to my seat and pure reflexes made me straighten my legs below or both legs would have been jammed.

My colleague got a piece of some glass right below his eye and he was holding on to his eye with one hand and the steering wheel with other and his body pinned to his seat.

It took me 45 minutes to come out of the car as the door was jammed .

I had to crawl out of the front windshield which was broken clearing all the glass. My colleague was hurt bad He had to get sutures done and I got home

I was lucky and it must have been someone’s prayers that made me through or else the dashboard could have easily crushed me to death.

Coming home with just a scratch on my arm I told the entire story to my wife and I never realized all the tears while she was listening to me silently.

She only murmured“ I don’t know what we would do if something were to happen to you?”

I could not sleep that night.

Here I was 40 years old and with 2 kids and I really don’t have anything saved for my family ( never really thought about it )

I was hardly home and I was working my full day well more than a day and after 40 years I still do not have any good quality time with my family.

I realized this had to change and I started looking for ways on how to get this freedom.

Freedom to live and experience true happiness with family and kids (while they are still kids).

They would never feel my need or speak to me as they do now after a few years turning into teens and here I was spending my time working.

I wanted more in life .

Freedom to experience joy with my family. Freedom from the 9-5 job which was holding me from coming to my family, Financial freedom to not worry about the monthly expenses and scale up as you go .

These thoughts would not let me sleep.

I started to dabble and check what I could do and the first time I checked online on how to make money I was intrigued by the idea and the concept of making money online.

I researched many so-called gurus and enrolled myself for many training courses. Some of them were great but some were not even worth mentioning

Bottom line I was in the chasm of online doom.

I was consuming one course after another trying to check what would work and not taking any action on getting anything implemented.

It was the most gut wrenching feeling in front of my wife trying to explain how this would work but when she asked me to show me the money?

how would I pay the house rent?

and monthly supplies .. I really did not have any answer. Cause I had zero in my payout

I tried a website with my name jaganrao.com and failed miserably.

I just did not know where to start and what to do

That’s when I decided I would hire a mentor.

I was following my mentor in social media but never really had any idea on why having a mentor would make things clear and help be built a business online the correct way.

You see I had been dabbling at this and not really committing to get this going and with the pandemic situation the need to be able to get any financial support grew exponentially.

So I started a website in ecommerce hoping to make money online.. and it fell flat on my face again initially.

I realized it would take a humongous effort to make this look like a website

I realized making money online is more of giving value first and help people who need direction .. the right one which would change their life and not some one time crappy link to buy suggestion .

I realized you need traffic and you need some solid process to make things work for newbies

I realized you need to build trust first before you can even think of selling anything online and my whole view about my online business changed

So here’s what you will get from me:

Honestly, Whatever you see and most content I would write about would not be my own.

Most of the time I would write the ideas on how to put to practice based on my experience and testing on your behalf.

Most of them I have read and researched and would always try to bring you unbiased options and opinions and subtle suggestions to improve where you are right now and how these snippets can help you reach where you want to be.

I like to read a lot of books and I look for ideas and insights in Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Books, Training Courses, Philosophy and more.

I don’t claim that whatever I share here is the only way to build your business but it’s the way I think is best.

I don’t have all the answers and cannot claim I am some expert.

I still have a lot to learn but I would definitely like to share what I discover and which I think will create an impact in your life provided you do the work and stay positive.

Here is a training on how to build your online business

Try it free click the button below. If you have any questions please fell free to ask me on my Facebook group here

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